As a developer, we recognise that a vision should frame the DNA of any plan so that feasibility is combined with inspiration and relevance. We adhere to a work culture that is grounded in ethics and professionalism, which means we stand by everything we say and do.

We are currently working on a project in Penang that aims to play a role in rejuvenating its inner city and developing a new community there. The Rice Miller project has a GDC of RM250 million.

Incorporated in July 1999, AGB is privately owned with a shareholders’ fund of RM16 million in January 2011. We also have business interests in hospitality, education, property and conservation management services, and operate out of offices in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


The AGB Group is committed to conserving historical resources and redefining new city lifestyles by tapping into new lines of creativity and rejuvenating old city centres.

Our mission is to revive old urban, waterfront centres, making them desirable places to live and be in once again. At their peak, these sites were wealth creators – AGB wants to create a new prosperity, one that echoes the pioneering spirit of the early settlers and traders of Penang.


We think cities need help to respond to change. We work with architects and planners to create plans that shape new opportunities and introduce new life to an old environment. But we take our cue from urban pioneer thinking, and consider each social context and history seriously.

Old port cities, in particular, suffer from the effects of increasing diversity and new economic and social demand, all of which erode the sense of community that old city neighbourhoods once enjoyed.

We believe we must reuse and redevelop abandoned old buildings, while new buildings should reflect the essential spirit of each site. While we recognise the need to appeal to a contemporary market, old buildings give cities the qualities that would make them more interesting places to live in.

However, maintaining neighbourhood icons only represent the body, not necessarily the spirit of a community. This is why we pay attention to elements that would draw people together in a mixed-use neighbourhood.

We strongly believe that private development projects should contribute to and enhance the public realm. Our critical values include:
  1. Ensuring that the benefits of an urban renaissance flow to all members of the community
  2. Celebrating diverse histories and finding community in the midst of diversity
  3. Designing vibrant, mixed-use developments that invite people to enjoy urban life
  4. Creating environments that encourage residents to walk rather than rely on modern transport
  5. Introducing innovation while respecting and preserving historical resources

Board of directors

Kate Lim Beow Leng


Kate is a fourth-generation descendant of the Rice Miller, Phuah Hin Leong, and thus belongs to one of Penang’s five “old families”. Born in Penang, she spent much of the last 50 years living and working in the United Kingdom. She studied politics, economics and history at the London School of Economics. She worked with Barclays, then Her Majesty’s Crown Agents, before starting a business of her own.

Dr. Noraini Abdullah

Group Managing Director

After graduating from the University of Washington in the US with a PhD in political science, Dr. Noraini taught at the National University of Malaysia. She moved from academia to the corporate world through her work at the New Straits Times Press, the Institute of Strategic & International Studies, and finally Renong Berhad. She then became an entrepreneur and has, as of March 2004, focused on successfully implementing the Rice Miller project.

Ar. Mohammed Azman Md. Yusoff


He is an architect trained in Hull, United Kingdom with a Certificate in Project Planning and Management from the East West Center, Hawaii. Also, he is a registered architect with the Board of Architects Malaysia and a corporate member of the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM). In the 34 years of his work experience, he has been involved in various projects of different fields.

Joyce Lim Lay Beng

Non-Executive Director

Formerly the Vice-President of Communications at CIMB Bank Berhad, Joyce is an arts graduate in Economics from the University of Malaya. She has over 25 years of experience in the communications industry, from working in an advertising agency to media and a major financial services group. She is now a Communications Consultant with CIMB Group.

Who's who

Dr. Noraini Abdullah

Group Managing Director

Deanna Tung

Executive Director for Education Division